Why more men are turning to a hair transplant?

There is an Indian belief that ‘ the less hair you have on your head, the more money you own!’

 It is a nice thought but people don’t think so anymore. Generally, all over the world people have become very conscious of their looks. Nowadays people don’t shy away from going to doctors for younger skin, better body shape and more hair on the head or eyebrows, etc. The stigma attached to this kind of cosmetic treatment has also gone. Common people and celebrities alike proudly claim to go under the knife for better looks. People candidly disclose surgical or cosmetic procedures they have gone through. There are many reasons why hair transplant procedures are becoming increasingly common, especially among men. Let’s have a look.


Balding is setting in at a younger age

If you take a careful look around you today at boys in the age group of 25 to 31, you’ll notice that most of them not only have receding hairlines also have an expanding bald area at the back of the heads. with a lot of change in lifestyles all around the world, now baldness in males is setting in at a much younger age than before. Previously the average age for baldness in men was about 50 years. In present times, this age has come down to 30. The reasons are varied. It could be hormonal imbalance, smoking and improper diet et cetera. A lot of youngsters are now taking supplementary food for growing biceps and other muscles for a macho look. If they are not careful, it doesn’t suit them and affects hair growth to an extent.


Social media presence


 There is huge popularity among all age groups of being on social networks now. It is not only the celebrities or people on public posts, but the common man is also in the public eye, thanks to social media. Even celebrities also have to remain active on these social networks to maintain popularity in the public. As a result of that, a big percentage of people in the show business is going in for hair transplant surgery. Now even politicians are very active on social media. There is a lot of competition and the stakes have become very high. Looks have become more important due to which hair transplant is gaining a lot of popularity among the masses and classes alike. You do not have to be a celebrity to look good! The social media has made the world a small place and picture sharing has become the law. The hair on the head contributes the most to a person’s personality. So why not get new hair transplanted and free yourself from the stress of losing hair? It has become a common trend.


Advancement in transplant surgery


Procedures are more reliable and advanced- hair transplant techniques have gone under a lot of advancement in the last 10 years. The procedures have become more reliable now. The results are very good and the success rate is near to a hundred percent. Earlier there used to be processed like weaving or wearing wigs. What the new hair follicle transplant grows natural hair on the head or other areas and looks natural because they are your healthy hair and grow naturally. Also, many people lose hair due to accident injuries for chemotherapy. Modern hair transplant techniques have proved to be a boon to these people as well.


baldness treatment

It’s not only for baldness, but it can also identify the hair too 

The new technology of follicle unit transplantation or FUE hair Transplant is not restricted to baldness alone. The FUE method can transplant tiny hair follicles therefore it can be used for dancing the hair grow wherever there is thinning of hair. Many people are now opting for grafting of follicles in the eyebrows, beards, mustaches or head areas where growth is thin.


       Scientific research has made so many things possible that nobody would have thought of 30 years back. It seems that very soon baldness in men will also become extinct thanks to hair transplantation!

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