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Cost of Hair Transplant in amritsar
Cost of Hair Transplant in amritsar


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The Trusted World Class Hair Transplant Clinic in Amritsar

Hair transplant is a critical surgical procedure that restores hair permanently in the bald scalp regions. This revolutionized surgical procedure is performed by extracting the healthy hair follicles from the area of abundance (donor area) and transplanting these follicular units to the bald region (recipient area). The biggest advantage of this surgical hair restoration treatment is that the transplanted hair follicles tend to grow naturally & permanently.

The average period of hair transplantation is 6 to 9 hours, but it highly depends on the number of grafts to be extracted and implanted. This particular hair loss treatment requires dimensional artistry and modern skills to deliver natural results.

Our Hair Transplant Centre Clinic and Doctors

HBY clinic in Amritsar is an advanced hair transplant clinic offering world-class services to all genders. We utilize cutting edge technology to meticulously extract grafts as well as to implant them where required.

At our hair transplant clinic in Amritsar, you can also get the references of our previous patients by which you can get the sincere reviews & testimonies from them. From our previous patients, you can also seek the opinions about our clinic, staff & the facilities provided by us. Through all these details, you’ll feel more comfortable during your visit to the clinic and you’ll also get assured about your hair transplant procedure and results.

Our Professional Staff

You are definitely in the right hands once you decide to have your hair transplantation at our centre. We are a professional team with unique interpersonal characters depicted in all our services.

We also provide a friendly ambience as well as a hygienically maintained environment. We generally strive to offer a second home to our patients during their whole treatment procedure.

Hair Transplant Services We Offer :

We offer a wide range of affordable hair transplant services accompanied with specialized care. These include:

FUE Hair Transplant in amritsar

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

The term FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) refers to the individual extraction of hair follicles from the donor region. These hair follicles are treated after which they are implanted in the bald region, also known as the recipient region. The procedure assures a patient with 100% natural results when performed diligently also we have added a detailed animated video on our youtube channel Hair Beauty & You or you can even watch the video that is given below.

FUT Hair Transplant in amritsar

Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT)

The FUT surgical approach is a remake of the traditional hair transplant procedure which was extremely invasive. Currently, the FUT technique is a definite surgical approach delivering quality results with the help of experienced surgeons.

With this approach, naturally occurring groups of hair follicles in the form of a strip are removed from any side of the scalp and the obtained grafts are implanted in the bald region.

Bio Fue Hair Transplant in amritsar


Partially surgical as well as a non-surgical hair loss treatment, BIO FUE is an advanced hair restoration approach globally. In this, the hair grafts are implanted and a specialized therapy is delivered to the intended region.

Facial Hair Transplant in amritsar

Facial Hair Transplant

Eyebrow, eyelash, beard and moustache hair transplants are the leading cosmetic surgeries in the modern era. They require extra experience and artistic skills to perform successfully.

How FUE Hair Transplant Works

First Choice Hair Transplant & Cosmetics


Consult our hair transplant specialist at Amritsar during the week days. You can also call in order to book your appointment or regarding any query. HBY provides free market evaluation on costing and also free consultation in Amritsar about various procedures for hair restoration.

What is the Cost of Hair Transplant in Amritsar?

The cost of this surgical procedure is not identical for every person; it varies from one individual to another. There are multiple factors that influence the hair transplant cost, which are given below:

We at HBY have found for you the most convenient & affordable options in Amritsar. Apart from Amritsar, Hair Beauty & You (HBY) also provides hair transplant services to the people coming from other cities like Jalandhar, Phagwara, Patiala, Batala etc. You just need to book your appointment either online by submitting the form or by contacting us. Our support team is always available to provide you the best assistance at any point of time.

Our Artistic & Experienced Doctor

Plastic and Hair Transplant Surgeon Dr. Harkirandeep Singh

Dr. Harkirandeep Singh

MBBS, MS & Surgeon)

Hair Transplant Surgeon

Location: Amritsar

We certainly understand that your looks matter the most and that is why we introduce to you the best hair transplant surgeon in Amritsar at our centre. Our experienced hair transplant doctor Mr. Harkirandeep Singh and team utilize diverse skills during the extraction and implantation of hair follicles. They have operated on hundreds of patients leaving each contented with the outcomes. We professionally handle each patient depending on the case at hand.

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Why Choose Us

Experienced Doctors

Experienced Doctors

We’ve found for you, the experienced doctors who are devoted towards improving your personality & confidence.

Dedicated Support Team

Dedicated Support Team

Our well trained support team will resolve all your issues and help you to make the right medical decision.

Pocket Friendly Pricing

Pocket Friendly Pricing

HBY is a great place to get your desired hair & looks at pocket friendly cost, along with best treatment quality.

State of Art Clinics

State of Art Clinics

Our state-of-the-art clinics will provide you an ultimate treatment experience with best class medical facilities.

Our Results

Hair Transplant Result of 3000 Grafts
Hair Transplant Result of 4500 Grafts
Hair Transplant Result of 3500 Grafts
Hair Transplant Result of 3000 Grafts
Hair Transplant Result of 4500 Grafts
Hair Transplant Result of 4500 Grafts

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