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Hair Transplantation is the highly developed form of surgery taking place in the country for hair loss and baldness treatment. Hair Beauty & You (HBY) has the best hair transplant clinics in all the major cities of India, which provide best quality results at affordable hair transplant cost. This surgical method yields such mind blowing results and it gets the patients a hope to grow back their hairs naturally once again.

HBY surgeons are associated with the well recognized organizations in the field of invasive and non-invasive hair restoration. They are doing great in their field and have accomplished high success rate in the hair transplant surgeries performed by them till now.


Every human on the earth wish to look re-presentable and grooms to the best of knowledge. So when hair loss comes to picture, it is no less than a nightmare for any gender. And if statistics are to be believed, it is no new age problem and neither is limited to any particular gender or age group. People from all corners of society are complaining of the encounter with the issue. The first thing that strikes our mind after hearing “Hair Loss” is, why?

Hair loss does not occur because of single reason; in fact there is a list of multiple hair loss causes, which include:

  • Genetics: Hair loss due to family history is the most common cause of baldness. A person can inherit the hair loss either from his/her mother’s side or father’s side of the family.
  • Lifestyle Factors: The unhealthy lifestyle factors may include improper hair care, excessive exposure to pollution or direct sunlight, use of chemical products, inappropriate shampoo, excessive smoking and alcohol addiction.
  • Ageing: Our hair follicles can deteriorate as we grow older, which results in hair loss.
  • Poor Diet: Poor nutrition, low intake of iron and other proteins also contribute in the poor health of your hair, causing hair loss.
  • Usage of Harsh Hair Products: It is quite a big list that includes harsh products responsible for damaging the hair follicles; this list includes color treatments, temporary & permanent straightening, usage of curler on regular basis, hair sprays, gel etc.
  • Stress/Depression: Excessive work load can cause mental or physical stress, which can further lead to depression. This can limit the supply of blood and essential nutrients to your hair.


A wide range of hair loss treatments are available, ranging from shampoos and lotions to medications and laser treatments. But all these solutions can prove beneficial only at the early stages of hair loss/ hair fall. You cannot make your hair grow with these treatments once the hair root is dead. So in that case, there comes the most innovative solution to hair loss or even baldness, which is the Hair Transplant Surgery. The most wonderful thing about this surgical hair restoration treatment is that you can get natural and long lasting hair growth even after the permanent loss of hair.


Before going in for the surgery, you will have to get in touch with a qualified surgeon to see if you are suitable for the hair transplant procedure or not. The hair density on your donor area plays an important role in determining the success of the hair transplantation on the bald areas of your scalp. Therefore, it is mandatory to consult with the qualified hair transplant surgeon who holds the experience & expertise in treating all levels of baldness with successful results. You can contact Hair Beauty & You (HBY) for any of your hair transplant query. We look forward to hearing from you!

What is the actual procedure of Hair Transplant?

Creation of recipient site

Creation of recepient site this process is also known as slit making. This process marks the direction and density, the slit gives 2 main benefits. Minimize the time and use of CTS which cause minimum damage ti blood vessels.

Marking of Hairline

Your hair transplant surgeon will draw your hairline with marker. You can also tell the surgeon if you want some specific hairline design.

Local Anesthesia

To avoid the pain or discomfort during this procedure, the patient is given local anesthesia that numbs the surgical area.

Extraction of Grafts

With the help of a small punching tool, the hair grafts are then harvested either by FUE or FUT method. FUE involves the extraction of individual hair grafts one by one; whereas FUT involves the removal of whole chunk of hairs in the form of a small strip.

Preservation of Hair Follicles

After the extraction process, the hair follicles require to be preserved in the specific solution to maintain their liveliness, before they get implanted.

Implantation of Grafts

Finally, the extracted individual grafts are transplanted one by one in the bald region of the patient.

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We certainly understand that your looks matter the most and that is why we introduce to you the best hair transplant surgeon in Bhubaneswar at our centre. Our experienced hair transplant doctor DR. SATYARTHA PRAKASH and team utilize diverse skills during the extraction and implantation of hair follicles. They have operated on hundreds of patients leaving each contented with the outcomes. We professionally handle each patient depending on the case at hand.

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