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Hair is an integral part of an individual and hair loss is the type of problem that reduces the self-confidence of a person along with diminishing his/her overall looks and personality. Before planning for any treatment, the patients need to know about the exact causes of their hair loss or baldness. The detailed family history is useful in assessing hair loss and planning a new hairline.

In the advanced world of today, hair transplant has become the latest trend for people who have lost their hair and currently, suffering from baldness. This popularity of hair transplant is due to getting the natural and long-lasting results after a certain time period. In order to get the natural and permanent hair restoration results with the best quality, people travel to different cities or even countries to find the best hair transplant clinic/surgeon.


Hair Transplant is the process that involves the removal of follicular units from the back and sides of the head i.e. donor area and inserting the removed grafts in the bald or recipient areas. In the process of hair transplant, the planning and designing of the hairline are the most crucial steps. Single hair grafts are used to create a natural and desired hairline.

The extraction of follicular units in this surgical hair restoration can be performed with various techniques and among all, the most common are FUE and FUT. Whichever method you choose, know that wound-closure techniques have improved, along with the procedures themselves.


Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

FUE is a painless, stitch-less and minimal scarring procedure that allows the individual extraction of hair follicles. Before commencing the removal of grafts with FUE method, the donor area of the patient needs to be shaved partially up to 1 – 2 mm.

Based on how many hair follicles are extracted, this can add up to many hundreds or even thousands of puncture mark scars. These scars may look like small white dots after healing and they will easily get covered by the existing hair on the scalp.

FUT Hair Transplant

FUT involves the removal of small strip, i.e. whole chunk of hairs from the back and sides of the head. In case you have got a large level of baldness and you require a huge count of grafts implantation, then FUT hair transplant can be an appropriate solution for you. This technique is comparatively affordable but it leaves behind a linear scar on the donor area.

PRP Therapy

PRP injection is given to promote hair growth in the bald or thinning regions. In PRP therapy, the blood of the patient is drawn from the donor area and injected to the recipient area after processing. This topical solution of growth-rich factors will help the hair loss sufferers to generate new hair in an improved way.

The complete procedure of PRP therapy takes approximately 1 – 2 hour(s) only. Thus, with the help of this simple and non-invasive hair loss treatment, you can get your lost hair as well as your confidence back!

The Cost of Hair Transplant in Chandigarh

You can calculate the hair transplant cost in Chandigarh based on the number of grafts requirement and the price of this surgical hair restoration goes on escalating as per the increase in the number of grafts and level of baldness.

To get the right consultation and guidance about your hair related issues, you can contact or visit the HBY clinic in Chandigarh. You’ll find HBY (Hair Beauty & You) as the most appropriate option in the hair restoration field because here, you’ll get the extraordinary results along with the utmost comfort and satisfaction.


Dr. Deepak Kalia

MS (General Surgery), M.Ch.

Location: Chandigarh

Dr. Deepak Kalia is a well-renowned Plastic Surgeon, having a successful experience of more than 10 years. He has completed his training of MS (General Surgery), M.Ch. in Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery from Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER), Chandigarh, which is considered among the most reputed institutes for plastic surgery and training in India.

Dr. Deepak has also worked as a Registrar in Plastic Surgery Department of Christian Medical College, Ludhiana. He has immense knowledge in his field and he always makes the best use of his skills and experience to generate result-oriented hair transplant and cosmetic surgeries. His work has been demonstrated in the reputed National Conference of 2014 and is published in dailies, tabloids and different media quite often.

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