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Hair transplant is a permanent and trending solution nowadays because it provides the hair loss sufferers the hope and confidence of restoring their lost hair in natural ways. If you are not aware of hair transplant procedure, then let us brief it for you!

Hair transplant is a cosmetic surgical procedure that involves the different phases starting from the initial step of designing the hairline to the ultimate process of implantation. In simple words, the hair transplant surgeon and a trained team of technicians remove the hair follicles from the donor area that is filled with hair strands. After the extraction phase, they insert these follicular units in the bald regions of the patient’s scalp.


1. FUE Hair Transplant

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is the most innovative hair restoration method that was invented in 2008. This technique has brought a revolutionary change in the hair transplant industry within a short period. Now, it is considered the preferred method of hair transplantation all over the world.

As the name signifies, FUE is a technique of harvesting the hair grafts from the donor area, individually. Instead of removing a whole strip in FUT, this method allows the surgeon to remove the active hair grafts one at a time, with the help of a specialized punching tool. After extracting the required number of grafts, these are stored and implanted on the recipient area one by one, by taking the utmost care of the right angle and direction.

2. FUT Hair Transplant

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) is the method of taking the grafts from the donor area by removing a whole chunk of skin and hair. This procedure is generally performed at the back of the patient’s scalp, which is considered as hair loss resistant area. Afterward, the strip of hair is separated into individual grafts and these follicular units are then stored in the special containers. The process of transplanting the follicles in the recipient region is the same, as that of the FUE method. That means the doctor will place the collected hair grafts individually in the bald areas.



Those times have gone when hair transplant procedures are categorized to be in the luxury cosmetic treatments that were affordable by only celebrities or rich people. Now the revolution of hair transplant tools and technologies like FUE, have provided a chance to average people to opt for this treatment and improve their looks & confidence by restoring their lost hair permanently.

The hair transplant cost in Guwahati usually ranges between Rs. 30000 to Rs. 80000. By multiplying the total number of grafts you require and cost per graft, you can calculate the actual cost for your hair restoration surgery. To get the best quality treatment and results at the most affordable rates, you should consider the HBY clinic in Guwahati.


Dr. Shakti Raj


Location: Guwahati

In the hands of the best hair transplant surgeon, you can achieve excellent results for your lifetime. Dr. Shakti Raj Jammula is one of those highly qualified hair transplant surgeons who hold the expertise of performing successful hair restoration procedures. He did his MBBS from Hi-Tech Medical College and Hospital and now, he holds the membership of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS)

The surgical knowledge of Dr. Shakti makes him one of the most distinguished hair transplant surgeons in Guwahati. Moreover, the clinic is equipped with all the latest medical facilities associated with hair restoration. The address of our hair transplant clinic is 3rd Floor, Prakash Tower, Opp. Pallavi Motors, Near Dona Planet, ABC, G.S. Road, Guwahati, Assam – 781005.

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