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Hair transplant simply involves two major phases – extraction and implantation of hair follicles. Taking the healthy hair grafts from the donor area and inserting them into the bald region is involved in hair transplantation. The extraction process is done with the help of methods like Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT).

For hair transplant procedure, you should have the ability to grow hair on the thinning or bald areas of your scalp and you can get to know about it only if you consult with an experienced Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist.

During the procedure of hair transplant, the patients remain awake because they are given local anesthesia that only makes their scalp numb. The patients can listen to their favorite music during the surgery. If you have an average level of baldness on your scalp, then you can expect the hair transplant procedure to take between 6 – 8 hours.

The Hair Restoration Services

Follicular Unit Extraction

FUE is the method of harvesting the grafts one by one from the donor area. The donor area in the FUE procedure can either be the back of the scalp or other body parts as well. Though the individual removal of hair takes a lot more time than removing a strip of the skin; there are many advantages of extracting the grafts individually as it involves no stitches on the donor area that further results in minimal scarring and faster recovery.

FUT Hair Transplant

This method involves the strip excision from the safe donor area, which is usually the back and sides of the head. You need to have enough healthy hair on the back of your scalp because this is the only donor area that can be used in the FUT technique. This hair restoration method has the potential of offering a greater number of grafting in less time. However, it results in stitching and linear scarring at the donor area.

PRP Therapy

Women are very less likely to go for hair transplantation and that’s why they mostly prefer to consider other hair loss treatment options like PRP therapy and medications. Not only women, the percentage of men opting for PRP therapy is also very high.

PRP therapy is mainly used to overcome hair loss and hair thinning. It is a very simple procedure of blood withdrawing and re-injecting the platelets (extracted from the blood) into the affected region. However, you may need multiple sessions for the result to show, as per the severity of your hair loss problem.


Before going to spend your hard-earned money on any treatment, first, you should acquire a complete knowledge about the treatment, its pros and cons, your surgeon and clinic. India is a very popular destination to get affordable hair transplant surgery, where people can find a huge number of choices among clinics and surgeons. The average cost in India ranges from Rs. 20 to Rs. 50 per graft.

The cost of hair transplant may vary from person to person, place to place and doctor to doctor. The price of this hair restoration treatment in Gwalior is less as compared to various other cities. You can calculate your overall treatment cost by knowing your baldness level and graft requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is Hair Transplant Permanent?

Yes, the long-lasting result through hair transplant is the major reason why it is considered the most effective option among the patients to restore their lost hair. The procedure of implanting the hair roots within the scalp is the reason behind its permanent results. Not only permanent, but it also offers completely natural hair growth.

2. Is Hair Transplant Safe?

The latest tools and techniques of hair transplant have made it a safe and secure surgical treatment. However, there are some pre and post-operative tips and instructions that the hair transplant candidates need to take care of. As such, there are no major side effects of hair transplantation, other than temporary swelling or numbness.

3. Where the clinic is located?

The HBY clinic is located in DK Tower, Plot No. 113, Opp. Income Tax Office, Near SBI Regional Office, City Center, Gwalior - 474011. When our patients undergo hair transplantation at the HBY clinic, we provide them the assurance that they are in the most capable and right hands.


Dr. Jayesh Rai


Location: Gwalior

Dr. Jayesh Rai is the hair transplant surgeon at the HBY clinic who is well-known for offering the best quality care to his patients. He is an experienced Maxillofacial & Facial Plastic Surgeon who did his graduation from SPPGIDMS, Lucknow. Then, he completed his post-graduation in maxillofacial surgery from CODS, Davangere, Karnataka.

He is always keen to improve with his past work and that is why he always makes an effort to continuously improve & stay updated through participation in various domestic & international conferences on hair related topics.

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