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Cost of Hair Transplant in lucknow
Cost of Hair Transplant in lucknow


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What is Hair Transplant?

Hair Transplant in Lucknow is a surgical hair restoration procedure in which the hair transplant doctors take active & healthy hair grafts from the back & sides of head, beard, moustache, arms, underarms, thighs etc. The area from where the grafts are removed is called donor area and the bald area where those grafts are implanted is known as recipient area. The donor area of the patient must have sufficient amount of healthy and active hair follicles so as to cover the baldness properly on the recipient site.

The first preference is given to the crown coverage in scalp hair transplantation. The most vital angle in this strategy is providing the right and suitable bearings to hair follicles with the goal that the transplanted hairs develop in the same heading like normally ones. All the hair transplant candidates after this treatment get excited with the outcomes by watching a complete change in their looks with more hairs on their scalp.

Hair Transplant Cost in Lucknow

While planning the surgical hair restoration treatment, the utmost important aspect is cost that every hair transplant candidate worries about. Hair transplant cost in Lucknow is considerably affordable as compared to many other cities in the nation.

HBY doctors in Lucknow will provide you the cost estimation for your hair transplant surgery after analyzing the required number of grafts for you. They will assure you to provide the most competitive and affordable cost along with complete return value for your money spent.

How Hair Transplant is performed?

There are following steps involved in the hair transplantation:

Find the Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Lucknow

You might get confused about choosing the best hair transplant clinic in Lucknow. This is because of the availability of huge number of clinics available in the city. There are many hair transplant clinics in Lucknow that offer low cost treatment to attract more & more number of patients; but when it comes to deliver hair transplant results, then they fail to achieve the patient’s satisfaction.

Searching the most affordable option is a good thing; but one should always remember that not to compromise in quality just for a few pounds. Always prefer to opt for the surgeon/clinic that is known for providing successful & proficient hair transplant results.


FUE Hair Transplant in lucknow

FUE Hair Transplant:

In FUE hair transplant, a micro punch tool is used to extract the hair follicles. This tool removes the hair grafts one by one from the donor area. After the completion of extraction process, these grafts will be implanted on your bald area.

FUT Hair Transplant in lucknow

FUT Hair Transplant:

In case of Follicular Unit Transplant, the hair transplant surgeons remove follicle-filled skin from the back of your head and replant these follicles in the bald area. The area from where this follicle-filled skin is taken also known as the donor area.

Bio-FUE Hair Transplant in lucknow

Bio-FUE Hair Transplant:

Bio-FUE is somewhat similar to FUE technique. For the Bio-FUE procedure, specialists take blood from the donor area. The cells from the human body is taken and re-infused to the bald area of scalp to activate dead cells.

PRP Therapy in Lucknow

4. PRP Therapy

It is the procedure to treat hair loss problem in which the (Platelet Rich Plasma) from individual's body is taken and re-injected to the bald area of scalp to activate dead cells. This therapy can be performed individually as well as after the hair transplant surgery. The PRP injected in the scalp helps in boosting the overall performance of the surgery. PRP utilized as a part of this method likewise enhance the nature of characteristic hairs or hairs that are non-transplanted. It is one of the best techniques to boost natural hair growth in the recipient as well as donor areas.

Hair Transplant Recovery

If we talk about the hair transplant recovery, then first of all be informed that this surgery is painless and you have to spare your 3-5 days only to indulge with the tiny crust. By the time these crusts will get dry and you can live your normal life again. For the recovery procedure turns out to be effective, you need to take care of some post-operative measures. All these things will be discussed by your hair transplant doctor in the consultation session.

Calculate Your Grafts Requirement

1. Choose Your Baldness Level.

  • Baldness Level 1
  • Baldness Level 2
  • Baldness Level 3
  • Baldness Level 4
  • Baldness Level 5
  • Baldness Level 6
  • Baldness Level 7
Baldness Level

2. Fill the Form to know Cost

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Hair Transplant Result of 3000 Grafts
Hair Transplant Result of 4500 Grafts
Hair Transplant Result of 4500 Grafts

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