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Cost of Hair Transplant in Nagpur
Cost of Hair Transplant in Nagpur


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Hair Transplant Clinic in Nagpur - HBY

Generally, a person sheds away 50 – 125 hair strands per day and it is normal until the count exceeds. Hair loss issue starts when you notice more than the average count of hairs losing on a regular basis. You should take this problem seriously and try to cure it as early as possible; because the complexity of the hair loss problem can put you in extreme trouble.

Though it is a common problem for both men and women; the percentage of men suffering from this issue is more than the percentage in women. Hair loss in men starts with the receding hairline and it gradually converts into baldness over the crown and front area of the head. The excessive hair loss condition can typically lead to baldness which is a very embarrassing situation to deal with.

Hair Loss Treatment

You should take expert advice before pursuing any type of hair loss treatment whether invasive or non-invasive. You can book your consultation at HBY clinic of hair transplant in nagpur and our experienced hair loss specialists will guide you appropriately. Following are the different methods of hair restoration that we are offering to our patients suffering from hair loss or baldness:

Non- Surgical Hair Loss Treatments

PRP Therapy

PRP is a therapeutic treatment and it serves as a beneficial technique for people who have just entered the stage of hair loss. It is the process of injecting the hair growth rich platelets, taken from the patient’s blood into the hair loss affected area.

Artificial Hair Restoration

The artificial hair restoration options include wigs, hair patches, extensions and hair weaving. Though the artificial hair restoration is temporary and not long-lasting; but they are highly affordable than hair transplant surgery.

Surgical Hair Loss Treatments

FUE Hair Transplant in Nagpur

1. FUE – Follicular Unit Extraction

FUE is a minimally invasive hair restoration procedure that takes place by removing individual hair follicles one at a time from the patient’s donor area i.e. the back and sides of the head. FUE technique takes less time to recover as compared to FUT hair transplantation.

FUT Hair Transplant in Nagpur

2. FUT – Follicular Unit Transplant

FUT is a fully invasive method and it is generally suitable where the baldness level is high. It is performed by extracting the whole chunk of hair from the back of the patient’s head. A linear scar is left behind and you need to take extra care and precautions in the FUT method.

Body Hair Transplant in Nagpur

3. Body Hair Transplant

In a body hair transplant, the body parts with hair loss resistant areas like beard, arms, chest, thighs, arms, etc. serve as the donor areas. The doctor extracts the hair follicles from these body parts with the FUE technique and then implants those harvested grafts on the bald area of the scalp.

How many weeks does it take to show results?

After 2 – 4 weeks of hair transplant surgery, the transplanted hairs fall out and the new growth then takes place. To get noticeable hair growth, you need to wait for approximately 3 – 4 months. The average time period of getting the complete hair transplant results is about 8 – 10 months, but in the case of some patients, it can take around 12 months.

The hair transplant results are totally natural because once you’ve got the expected hair restoration outcomes, you can treat your transplanted hair in a natural way; that means you can trim, color and style them as you always wanted to do.

The Cost for Hair Transplant Surgery in Nagpur

The hair transplant cost in Nagpur is comparatively low and more affordable than many other cities of the nation. The overall cost starts from Rs. 35000/- and it greatly varies depending upon the baldness level of the patients. The price will escalate as per the increase in the total number of grafts implantation. A number of other factors also matter like clinic location & reputation, the experience of the surgeon, technique of hair restoration, etc.

What do our Patients say about us?

We at HBY always deliver compassionate care to our patients and that’s why we have developed and maintained lasting relationships with them. Moreover, the patients who are really nervous before the hair transplant surgery, we make them feel calm and comfortable through our friendly approach. It is a great feeling when our patients shared their positive reviews and feedback about our clinic and when they refer HBY to other hair transplant candidates.

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Experienced Doctors

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Dedicated Support Team

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Hair Transplant Result of 3000 Grafts
Hair Transplant Result of 4500 Grafts
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Hair Transplant Result of 3000 Grafts
Hair Transplant Result of 4500 Grafts
Hair Transplant Result of 4500 Grafts

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