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Cost of Hair Transplant in patna
Cost of Hair Transplant in patna


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Hair Transplant Clinic & Cost in Patna

HBY hair transplant surgeon and the team in Patna are well qualified and much experienced in the hair restoration field, both invasive and non-invasive. People from other locations of Bihar also visit our well renowned hair transplant clinic in Patna. All our hair transplant centers out there in different cities provide the best hair restoration treatments to the patients. If you are also concerned about your hair related issues, then contact us today and we’ll help you with your queries in the most appropriate manner.

Hair Loss Treatment in Patna

Because of the fast paced lives of today, most of us are facing a considerable loss of physical health; and the baldness/hair loss is the major concern. To address the hair loss problem, you need to understand that there may be a lot of reasons behind it; they may be even a cause or symptom of any health issue which is yet to arrive.

There are multiple solutions and remedies available in the market to treat hair fall problem. PRP therapy, medications, laser treatment, homemade remedies also work as hair loss solutions. But in case the hair loss problem has reached at the stage of baldness, then most of the temporary solutions won’t work. In that case, the only permanent solution to hair loss or baldness is hair transplant surgery.

The Consultation Session

Consultation is the most important part of hair transplant procedure that let you know about the multiple aspects of this treatment.


Most of the hair transplant surgeries are done with much popular FUE and Bio FUE techniques which are painless, scar less and stitch less procedures. FUT hair transplant method is also used by many hair transplant clinics; but only in the cases where the donor area does not have adequate amount of active hair follicles for extraction. FUT technique leaves scar after the treatment because it involves stitches in the donor area.

There is no doubt that FUE hair transplant is the latest and most commonly used hair restoration technique. The full form of FUE is Follicular Unit Extraction; this method provides much better results than the previous methods of hair transplant. There is practically no stitching, which is good news for the hair transplant candidates.

FUT Hair Transplant

FUT Hair Transplant in patna

At first, the patient is given local anesthesia. After that, a half-inch strip from donor area is removed and implanted in the area where there is baldness. A half-inch strip usually has two and a half thousand hair follicles and may be two to three hair roots in a follicle. After implantation, the donor area is stitched from where the strip full of hair is removed. This place becomes normal after a few days. Napkins are set on the area of implantation; patient can remove them by visiting the clinic next day. As far as pain is concerned, it is equally as injection (to numb the head) is in braces.

FUE Hair Transplant

FUE Hair Transplant in patna

The FUT/Strip method involves the removal of full chunk of hairs i.e. a small strip from the donor area, whereas in FUE method, the individual follicles are harvested one by one from the hair loss resistant area. These extracted individual grafts are then implanted to the balding area. A single sitting takes 6 to 8 hours with the implantation of 2-3 thousand grafts. If the patient requires more grafts to cover the baldness, then he might be called for the second sitting.

Reasons to choose FUE over other methods of Hair Transplantation:

Our Artistic & Experienced Doctor

Plastic and Hair Transplant Surgeon DR. RANJEET KUMAR


FUE Hair Transplant Hair Transplant Surgeon

Location: Patna

We certainly understand that your looks matter the most and that is why we introduce to you the best hair transplant surgeon in Patna at our centre. Our experienced hair transplant doctor DR. RANJEET KUMAR and team utilize diverse skills during the extraction and implantation of hair follicles. They have operated on hundreds of patients leaving each contented with the outcomes. We professionally handle each patient depending on the case at hand.

Calculate Your Grafts Requirement

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Why Choose Us

Experienced Doctors

Experienced Doctors

We’ve found for you, the experienced doctors who are devoted towards improving your personality & confidence.

Dedicated Support Team

Dedicated Support Team

Our well trained support team will resolve all your issues and help you to make the right medical decision.

Pocket Friendly Pricing

Pocket Friendly Pricing

HBY is a great place to get your desired hair & looks at pocket friendly cost, along with best treatment quality.

State of Art Clinics

State of Art Clinics

Our state-of-the-art clinics will provide you an ultimate treatment experience with best class medical facilities.

Our Results

Hair Transplant Result of 3000 Grafts
Hair Transplant Result of 4500 Grafts
Hair Transplant Result of 3500 Grafts
Hair Transplant Result of 3000 Grafts
Hair Transplant Result of 4500 Grafts
Hair Transplant Result of 4500 Grafts

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