Moustache Transplant


(Moustache Transplant is similar to Beard Transplant)

Moustache has a significant place in men’s style. For moustache loss caused by testosterone level problem in men, they can go for moustache transplant.

Moustache transplant is performed with the help of FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), just like a beard transplant.


  • The very first thing is anaesthesia; the recipient area will be orderly anaesthetized.

  • The doctor will be making the circular incision, which is less than 1mm in diameter around the follicular unit on the back of your scalp so that graft can be isolated. This incision is performed with the help of micro needles.

  • For the extraction of follicular units/grafts from the donor area (on the back of your head), the tweezers-like instrument is used. Multiple follicular units/grafts are extracted this way.

  • Before going any further, holes are made in the recipient area where you have faced hair loss or wish to have the more intensive and regular looking moustache.

  • The extracted follicular units are then placed in these holes; so that the yielding of hair can start gradually.

  • To avoid any kind of infection, a disinfectant is evenly applied to your moustache after the procedure.

Even though this transplant is performed on your face, no severe pain or ache will be experienced. Moustache Transplant does not have any certain category for people who can or cannot undergo this procedure. Any men who desire to have a natural looking intensive moustache can undergo this process. The recipient area will look like natural moustache after one week and the recovery time for the donor area is also less, which is of only 15 days. Your final result can be seen after 6 months, and in the next 8-12 months, you can see that desired intensive moustache growth with a natural appearance.

Cost of Moustache Transplant

Moustache transplant is a wonderful procedure that can beneficially thicken up facial hair. The downtime in this procedure is minimal. The price of the moustache transplant depends upon the count of follicles required on the facial region. On average the cost is around Rs. 20 to Rs. 60 per graft of facial hair implant.

The number of grafts implantation for moustache transplant can vary from patient to patient, as per their requirements. However, 300-500 grafts are considered as an average count for moustache implantation. We at HBY will provide you the clinic for your moustache transplant in your city, where you’ll surely get the affordable services of moustache transplant. Thus you can have the desired moustache – a sure sign of masculinity.


There are some risks that are associated with moustache transplant such as scarring, pain, sensitivity or redness on the donor and recipient area. But there are very rare cases that involve these risks. All these side-effects are on a temporary basis, but they can affect the growth of transplant hair. Thus before opting for the best hair transplant clinic or surgeon, you should keep in mind all the things related to your moustache implantation.


Since moustache hair transplant is generally performed with FUE technique, so there is no linear scar on the back of the head i.e. donor area. Also, it is almost a painless procedure and it takes around 3 – 5 hours. That means you require only one session to get this procedure done. The tiny crusts around each transplanted hair will go down usually after 4 to 6 days.

If you still feel pain or swelling, then you can consult with your doctor and he will suggest you the appropriate medications. Within 3 – 4 months after the treatment, you’ll notice the growth of transplanted hair on your moustache area.


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