Best Prp Therapy & Hair Treatment in India


PRP is a commonly used term for Platelet Rich Plasma therapy, which is a permanent solution for various situations like arthritis and ligament/tendon sprains. It is also used to cure hair loss and baldness.

In this therapy, the concentration of the platelets is taken from the blood of the patient and then injected to his/her scalp, which promotes hair growth. PRP therapy is mostly preferred in case of hair thinning and to treat less hair density. This treatment procedure can be performed in the case of both- men & women.

Platelets are one of the most important elements present in the human body, as they are responsible for clotting whenever we face an injury. The platelets have high healing factors and are also highly concentrated with growth richness. These two factors make PRP therapy the best solution for hair re-growth within four to six weeks.


The PRP creation process is very simple and painless as it works just like any blood test. A certain amount of blood will be extracted from the patient’s body and then placed into a centrifuge. The centrifuge spins the bottles containing blood at a very high speed to separate the red blood cells and platelets from the blood. This entire process takes approximately 25-30 minutes in total. Once the separation is done, the red blood cells will be discarded and we are left with highly concentrated platelet-rich plasma ready for the treatment.

Advantages of PRP Therapy:

  • While going through any treatment, the patient should always remember that the effectiveness of any treatment depends on the severity of the problem. PRP is a better alternative for hair loss products & medications as it tries to reach to the core of the problem so that there can be a long-term solution.

  • PRP is widely recommended to people because it does not wear off the way traditional pain injections do. PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) treatment is less painful or discomforting in comparison to the other hair loss treatments.

  • This entire process will take only 2 - 3 hours approximately, which includes creating PRP and injecting them in the hair loss affected area.

PRP Therapy after Hair Transplant Surgery

PRP therapy is given to enhance the growth of hairs after the accomplishment of the hair transplant procedures. It improves the hair transplant outcomes by quickening recovery and growing procedure of transplanted hairs.

Cost of PRP Therapy

PRP treatment is usually not covered by health insurance and the reason behind that is the lack of evidence. No serious claim can be made of its efficacy or full effectiveness even in the medical field. It is considered an experimental treatment by the insurance companies. Thus, there are very few insurance plans that offer any compensation for PRP injections.

The cost affecting factors for PRP therapeutic treatment are location, expertise of the doctor, quality of services, facilities provided. Generally, a person with hair fall problem requires a minimum of 2 – 3 sittings of PRP and each sitting starts from Rs. 5000 approximately. Each injection is given to the patient 2 to 3 months apart. You can negotiate the cost at your clinic if you are opting for a complete package including multiple sittings.

Side-Effects of PRP Treatment

Because of utilizing the person’s own platelets, PRP therapy does not result in any adverse effects. However, in very rare cases, the patient may experience temporary pain, irritation or bleeding on the injected site.

Unlike other medications, PRP treatment reduces the risks of an allergic reaction. You can discuss with your doctor in advance about the risks involved in your PRP procedure and also about the instructions that you need to follow to minimize these risks.

PRP Recovery Procedure

The patients can resume their normal routine life almost immediately after the PRP therapy. However, you need to take rest for some time as recommended by your doctor. The rest period is required to recover and heal the injected area. The recovery procedure of this hair loss treatment is not identical to the hair transplant procedures; it is comparatively very less. It promotes hair growth and hair thickening after a couple of weeks. After several months, you’ll see the amazing results with reduced hair fall.


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